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The Mottola Twins

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The Mottola Twins

The Mottola Twins will be performing at Tarpon Springs First Friday events.

Meet Anthony and Vincent Mottola, 16 year old twin brothers who share a passion for music.

The Mottola Twins first performed live when they were eight years old. Mom and Dad set up instruments for the boys in front of a strip mall during Christmas. Anthony and Vincent played holiday songs that they had been practicing.

Over the past eight years Anthony and Vincent have continued to perform in talent shows in elementary, middle, and high school. The boys have also done many performances at their church, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church where they attended faith formation and Life, a teen youth program.

A Talented Team of Two.

Vincent loves dancing, playing drums, piano and acoustic guitar. Anthony and Vincent both love photography, acting, and travel, and performed in the play Bye Bye Birdie at the Richey Suncoast Theatre. The Mottola Twins were selected one of 26 talented youths in the Tampa Bay Area out of 300 applicants to join the Grammy Revolution Project at Ruth Eckerd Hall.  Anthony composed two original songs and performed them live at Ruth Eckerd Hall, and came first runner up in a local singing contest at the 21st Annual Philippine Festival.  The boys are devoted to their studies and being respectful to everyone.

The Mottola Twins perform locally as an acoustic duo playing anything from Justin Bieber, Greenday to James Taylor. Anthony and Vincent recently played at the Grand Opening of the Rays 3rd baseman Evan Longoria’s restaurant, Ducky’s. They also performed at Taste of South Tampa, Oldsmar Beef O Brady’s, and are preparing for their third performance at Tarpon Springs First Friday.

If you love acoustic music, don't miss the Mottola Twins live performance at Tarpon Spring's next First Friday Event!

Summer Days

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How to care for your vehicle during hot summer months.

By Tim Gibson of Tim's Performance Service Center and RTG Auto Sales.
summer heat can take it's toll on your car.
It's that time of year folks and summer is upon us.  Hot, humid days are beginning to be an everyday occurrence for the next couple of months.  Remember, your vehicle feels the heat too!  So what can you do to help out and protect your investment?  Here are 10 great car tips for summer:
1.  Have the cooling system checked and serviced.  This should include a careful exam with fresh coolant installed.
2.  Have your tires inspected for wear, pressure and age.
3.  Brake inspection again for wear and performance.
4.  Wipers and lights - inspect and replace as needed.
5.  Climate control - have the a/c system serviced and tested.
6.  Transmission - inspect for fluid condition and shift quality.
7.  Steering & suspension - check for wear and any leaks.
8.  Battery & charging system - check for condition and performance.
9.  Check engine for proper operation and performance.
10. Last but not least is appearance  - is the paint, chrome and glass in good condition or starting to look sad?  Remember, a dirty car is no fun to drive and may post a vision problem.  Ex:  broken windshield or bad tint that you can't see out of properly.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe summer!

Tim Gibson and his wife Reggie own Tim's Performance Srvice Center and RTG Auto Sales in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Tim has a popular talk radio show on WTAN 1340 , called Grease Gurus. Join him every Saturday morning from 10am-11am and learn some very valuable tips on how to maintain your vehicle. For more information on RTG Auto Sales click on this link. Tim's Performance Service Center and RTG Auto Sales are located at:

Funds Needed To Dredge The Anclote River Waterway

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Tarpon Springs has a unique and amazing opportunity to secure funds to dredge the Anclote River Waterway. These funds will help to restore and maintain access to the City’s working waterfront for both commercial fisherman, commercial sponge divers (for which Tarpon Springs is known worldwide), and for our many visitors who bring tourism to our City and County. Please take a few minutes to submit a survey and comment on this issue. Your support is needed and appreciated. Give the County Your Feedback about using the BP Settlement Funds by Friday, April 29th, 2016. On April 13, the County issued a news release with an online survey on its website as public call for input into the use of the $7.1 million in BP Settlement Funds. This is a tremendous opportunity for us to get our project in the forefront at the beginning of the County’s process.  We encourage each of you to complete the online survey, and please share this with others that you know who are supportive of the dredge project. HERE is a link to the survey The last part of the survey allows you to type in your ideas for a project, and this is where we encourage you to submit comments. SAMPLE TEXT TO USE IN THE SURVEY (Use this directly or draft your own): As a (member of the Marine Commerce Committee/resident/business owner), I would like the County to consider a maintenance dredge of the Anclote River. The dredge is a Federally Authorized Project, and was last dredged nearly 20 years ago. Commissioner Eggers has met with City leadership and has expressed his interest to utilize BP Settlement Funding to support the City in the same or similar manner as the 1998 dredge. I feel that such a project would be an ideal fit for the use of the BP Settlement Funds as it will help to restore and maintain access to the City’s working waterfront for both commercial fisherman, commercial sponge divers (for which Tarpon Springs is known worldwide), and for our many visitors who bring tourism to our City and County.  I thank you for considering this input. HERE is a link to a recent news article about this project Read a Newspaper Article About the Project In case you didn’t see it, HERE is a link to the Tampa Bay Times article of April 15 on the project Watch a Video about BP Settlement Funds At a work session on April 5, Pinellas County Commissioners had an initial discussion about the funds, and HERE is the link to the video City of Tarpon Springs We have also posted links to the survey on the City’s Facebook page (comments welcomed) and the City’s Official Website      

Bistro Opens On Hibiscus Street

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We have some very exciting news! Olive The World Bistro has opened at 24 Hibiscus Street, Tarpon Springs, in the Historic Art & Antique District.

olive the world bistro 1

The bistro will feature Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO) and Aged Balsamic Vinegars along with artesian foods from local producers...Jams, Pasta's, Pickled Products, Mother Kombucha Fermented Teas and more.

Olive The World Bistro will allow you to have a light snack, lunch or dinner and taste the EVOO's and flavored Balsamic's paired with food. They will be offering salads, fun filled raviolis and paninis in addition to specials. Think of a Tapas like eatery where you can sit down with friends and order several items that you share together.

Olive The World Bistro

The beer menu will feature craft brews from the USA and Europe, and wine offerings are now in development.


The Bistro now has the Weihenstephaner "1516 Kellerbier" in honor of the 500 year Beer Purity Law that went into effect in the year 1516. It is a Limited Edition, unfiltered beer brewed and bottled by the State Brewery in Bavaria, in the town of Freising, Germany. Weihenstephaner Brewery is the oldest, still operating brewery in the world, founded in 1040.

The Bistro also offers "Professor Pops and the Ice Crystals"!

These are handmade frozen treats made with only locally sourced fresh ingredients. We have these flavors available now: Pineapple Mango, Strawberry Orange, Raspberry Limeade, Mixed Berry and Orange Ginger. The heat is coming, stop in the Bistro and cool off with a Professor Pops Treat!

These are just a few of the menu offerings:

Calabrian Chef Salad Prosciutto, Soppressata, Mortadella, Provolone on Organic Spring mix with Carrots, Cucumbers, Tomatoes.

Shrimp Pesto Linguini Shrimp, Genoa Original Pesto, Arugula and Parmesan Shavings.

Holi-Moli Cheesecakes A variety of alternating flavors.

Olive The World Bistro will be open Tuesday through Saturday, 11am-8pm.

Stop in and say hello!

Take A Virtual Tour Of Tarpon Springs!

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CLICK HERE to take a virtual tour of Tarpon Springs!

Sweeties Ice Cream Parlor | Tarpon Springs

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Nothing beats the heat like a visit to an old time ice cream parlor!
CLICK HERE for more information!

Carmin Muniz, Professional Organizer | Tarpon Springs

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Who doesn't need help organizing? Carmin Muniz is a Professional Organizer who will provide service according to your needs. Carmen will serve you with integrity and treat you with respect and courtesy.
CLICK HERE for more information!

Tampa Bay Salvage | Tarpon Springs

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Tampa Bay Salvage was founded in 2010 by Josh White. Josh worked under the tutelage of brother Matt and father Steve for the last decade at Recycling The Past Architectural Salvage in Barnegat, NJ. He is a graduate of West Virginia University, a skilled carpenter, welder and restorationist.
Josh has appeared in This Old House magazine and starred in an episode of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe on The Discovery Channel. These appearences led to a lead role on DIY Networks’ Operation Salvage. After possibly the worst winter on record Josh traded in his snow shovel for a pair of sunglasses to enjoy raising his kids in sunny Florida!
CLICK HERE for more information about Tampa Bay Salvage

Given With Love | Tarpon Springs

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It's all in the presentation! 
Custom items for weddings, baptisms, and anything happy!
Event coordinator and decorator for your venue and/or church.
CLICK HERE for more information!

Sigma Marine Supplies | Tarpon Springs

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Sigma Marine Supplies specialize in products for commerical
 fishermen, including safety equipment. They also quote
 electronics packages for any size boat. Sigma Marine
 Supplies service most electronic manufacturers as well as
 Lewmar windlass repair and service.
CLICK HERE for more information