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Summer Days

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How to care for your vehicle during hot summer months.

By Tim Gibson of Tim's Performance Service Center and RTG Auto Sales.
summer heat can take it's toll on your car.
It's that time of year folks and summer is upon us.  Hot, humid days are beginning to be an everyday occurrence for the next couple of months.  Remember, your vehicle feels the heat too!  So what can you do to help out and protect your investment?  Here are 10 great car tips for summer:
1.  Have the cooling system checked and serviced.  This should include a careful exam with fresh coolant installed.
2.  Have your tires inspected for wear, pressure and age.
3.  Brake inspection again for wear and performance.
4.  Wipers and lights - inspect and replace as needed.
5.  Climate control - have the a/c system serviced and tested.
6.  Transmission - inspect for fluid condition and shift quality.
7.  Steering & suspension - check for wear and any leaks.
8.  Battery & charging system - check for condition and performance.
9.  Check engine for proper operation and performance.
10. Last but not least is appearance  - is the paint, chrome and glass in good condition or starting to look sad?  Remember, a dirty car is no fun to drive and may post a vision problem.  Ex:  broken windshield or bad tint that you can't see out of properly.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe summer!

Tim Gibson and his wife Reggie own Tim's Performance Srvice Center and RTG Auto Sales in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Tim has a popular talk radio show on WTAN 1340 , called Grease Gurus. Join him every Saturday morning from 10am-11am and learn some very valuable tips on how to maintain your vehicle. For more information on RTG Auto Sales click on this link. Tim's Performance Service Center and RTG Auto Sales are located at: